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Counseling for Adults

Helping clients recognize and tap into their strengths is a life passion for me. Through my supportive and non-judgmental style, I will help you uncover the answers you seek, and find how you can use this new understanding towards growth and lasting positive change.

I believe that all people have the potential within them to not only get better, but to flourish. My approach to counseling will help you find your voice, reconnect with your own inner guidance, and help you build the positive and fulfilling life that you deserve.

Some clients choose hypnotherapy services as an option, however it’s always your choice which path you feel most comfortable to take towards your own healing.

Hypnotherapy FAQ’s

It is a way to let the conscious, critical and judging part of your brain go take a walk so that you can communicate directly with the subconscious part of your brain. We can talk about the science behind it and brain waves if you’re interested, but to sum it up, it’s the same relaxed state of mind that the brain goes in and out of any time you stare off into space or get lost in a thought. Communicating directly with the subconscious is important because the subconscious is always trying to help and protect you, but sometimes we need to help it adjust how it helps and keeps you safe. You can close your eyes if it helps, but it is not necessary. You will always remember everything that happens. I also want to mention that a person cannot be made to do anything that they would not normally do.
Only if you really wanted to, but you don’t need me for that!
A lot of people have that fear. I have yet to meet someone that it doesn’t work for. As long as you’re curious and open minded, that’s all it takes. It’s as simple as imagining your favorite meal or a pink elephant. If you can do that, you can be hypnotized.

Hypnotherapy is effective for a lot of things from breaking bad habits to weight loss, and helps on a deeper and more long-lasting level. The subconscious is the place where these bad habits get stuck, and therefore is the same place where these habits can be released.

I’ve seen clients get good results and healing in as little as one session, but the more sessions you do, the better it works. In most people there are several unresolved questions or concerns that can get answered, and they are stacked on each other like layers. So for example, one person coming to a deep emotional understanding that her parents’ divorce was not her fault in one session, can then in the next session, find she needs to focus on taking care of herself in other ways such as through physical activity or healthy eating. If she would’ve done this in reverse, perhaps she would not have had the motivation or self-worth to start and stick to those changes for her physical health. Hypnotherapy can also be a good service to complement other forms of therapy. For example, meeting for cognitive behavioral therapy and then every once in a while adding in hypnotherapy, can make it even more effective.

Bottom line is that it’s all at your own pace and for when you’re ready. There is no pushing or making yourself do anything if you don’t feel comfortable. Feel free to ask me more questions when we meet.